Instituto Superior Técnico

Programa de Desenvolvimento de Carreiras para Professores e Investigadores do IST


IST's Shaping the Future Program for Teachers and Researchers has the mission of facilitating the full integration of their academic experience inside IST and their Department, at the same time transmitting the school's ethical values and good institutional practices, welcoming them and supporting them in their career planning in alignment with IST’s strategic plan.

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The Program Shaping the Future promotes the integration and adaptation of junior faculty and researchers to IST’s culture,  through a Mentoring Program and a set of initiatives aiming at accelerating the development of their careers in the dimensions of scientific and academic leadership and the development of competences in scientific and pedagogical areas (training and lectures observation).

The Program also promotes the scientific independence of new faculty and researchers, as well as the development of an academic career with international impact. The Program also supports these new IST collaborators through a start-up funding system, an incentive to partial sabbaticals leaves abroad during the tenure-track period, as well as the support to access the internal ERC Acceleration Program.

The Program Shaping the Future results from a collaboration between the Scientific and the Pedagogical Councils, with the support of the School Assembly and the IST Executive Board, and is carried out by the Academic Development Office (NDA).