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Programa de Desenvolvimento de Carreiras para Professores e Investigadores do IST

Lectures Observation

The Shaping the Future Program has a pedagogical skills component, which includes lectures observation. Two observations are made in the first year of the tenure-track period, followed by only one per year until the end of the 4th year. One or two specialists in Educational Psychology of the NDA make the observations and, at the end of each lecture, meet with the Assistant Professor, offering feedback on the observed aspects, as well as making suggestions/recommendations of additional workshops in the pedagogical field.

At the end of the tenure-track period, the Pedagogical Council prepares a file with the report of the pedagogical activities developed by the Assistant Professor in that period. This information is included in the documentation that the Scientific Council receives to support the tenure decision process.

The pedagogical file includes the following components:

  • Courses taught (including the number of teaching hours in each semester) and the QUC (Quality of Courses) results;
  • Teaching materials developed and duly registered in the IST’s information system (textbooks, manuals, laboratory guides, new laboratory equipment/facilities, educational programs, e-learning or b-learning materials, etc.);
  • Reports resulting from the lectures observation process;
  • Certificates of participation in complementary training and pedagogical activities.

Request for lectures observation

If you would like your class to be observed by a member of NDA team, please send an email to:

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