Instituto Superior Técnico

Programa de Desenvolvimento de Carreiras para Professores e Investigadores do IST


A mentor is assigned to all Assistant Professors and Assistant Researchers during their tenure-track period. The mentor’s role is to advise on IST values and good practices, and career development, helping mentees to manage their career during the tenure-track period, including recruitment and supervision of PhD and master’s students, teaching practices, research and funding search strategies and other mentoring/coaching components.

The mentor should be a Professor/Researcher from any scientific area or department of IST, with tenure and an extensive experience, which can be considered a role model.

Mentors are assigned by the Scientific and Pedagogical Councils, after hearing the Department. The mentor chairs the Tenure-Track Period Monitoring Committee (CAPE, in Portuguese), but has no evaluation functions, and cannot be the rapporteur of the intermediate or final evaluation of the tenure-track period.

After the first year of the tenure-track period, the Assistant Professor/Researcher may request and propose to the Executive Committees of the Scientific and Pedagogical Council a change of his/her mentor, to best assure the needed support for managing his/her academic career.

Annually, or whenever appropriate, coaching/mentoring training and supervision is offered to IST mentors. Mentors are also advised to read some of the documents found in Support Materials.

The contact for support and clarification of the mentors’ questions is performed by the NDA.